Edsnap is a unique platform that brings all together globally at the snap of their fingertips in education sector

open platform that caters to the needs of









For Institutes

EdSnap is a blessing that takes care of all your institutional needs at the snap of a fi n g e r . E d S n a p b e c o m e s a b ra n d b u i l d i n g a n d marketing tool for you as your alumni and staff write honest good reviews about you, and as soon a student / p a r e n t e x p r e s s e s interest in your institute, you get an alert giving you a lead in the prospective admissions. EdSnap also makes recruitment of teaching and non teaching staff really easy by connecting you to a global network of teachers and employees who currently work or aspire to work in the education sector. EdSnap is also a great tool to locate the right vendors for all your infra and non infra needs with competitive quotes and verified quality from across the globe. The list doesn't end here. You get one application (mobile/web) to manage your institution with host of services ; convenient and easy to use solution . All of this gives you the time to concentrate on the real business that is education.

For Teachers

Edsnap comes as a wonder tool for teachers across the globe by helping them perfect their art of teaching. Get connected globally on similar profession. How does it do that? By making everything else that isn’t teaching, smooth and quick. Just download the app and mark attendance instantly while an alert goes to parents and management. That’s right, no record keeping. Give assignments to your students just by a click and upload their results with the images clicked on phone. The mark sheets and progress reports can be sent instantly too and this can help you understand the problem areas of each student through the analysis report generated. All this helps you manage your time really well and you can give time in helping the students develop and hone their skills while Edsnap takes care of everything else for you.

For Students

With the Edsnap mobile and web, students can find guidance from across the globe in significantly fast speed. Educationists from around the world are present on the platform to answer any queries students might have regarding their future education a query in their current syllabus or just from friendly advice. Alumni and students from all the educations institutes have given their honest feedback on the platform, which in turn helps students to make the right decision while choosing their master or graduation college. Not on this, guidance to ace those college interviews and preparation tips to be eligible fro being at one can also be shared by seniors to help you ace the test.